Time machine

17.520 hours of success

Two years have passed since the first idea on founding Vidi e-novation contest appeared in Vidi Publishing. From December 2005 to this day,Vidi e-novation launched some ten internationally recognized ICT products and services...
The story about Vidi e-novation is yet to reach its peak...
December 2005.
The Idea Was Born

The initial concept of a contest for hightechnology ideas to supplement Vidi Web Top 100 contest starts to develop in Vidi publishing house

May 2006.
First Talks With Ruđer Bošković Institute

Vidi initiates talks with Ruđer Bošković Institute about jointly running a contest presenting awards for high quality high-tech products and services developed in Croatia and able to compete on global level
European Commission and ICT

Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, during a speech in Madrid says that 'ICT today is the most important engine of modern economy', and that 'ICT has the lead in innovations'
August 2006.
Establishing Criteria

The exact criteria are established and a more precise scheme of the high-tech contest is prepared in Vidi publishing house
September 2006.
Contest Gets Name

The newly established contest for innovations in the field of information-communication technologies is given a name – Vidi e-novation
October 2006.
Ruđer Bošković Institute - Cofounder

Ruđer Bošković Institute becomes Vidi's official partner in the establishment of Vidi e-novation contest
The Award – Tesla's Egg

The founders and partners decide to name the award after a famous Nikola Tesla's experiment: Tesla's Egg
First Contest Opens for Entries

Vidi e-novation gets the official website address, www.e-novation.info, where the contest is open for entries for the first Vidi e-novation contest – Vidi e-novation 2006
November 2006.
The Best Join Us

Some of the leading Croatian and foreign companies and institutions join us as partners and cofounders, giving support to Vidi e-novation contest, among which: T-Croatian Telecom, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Podravka, Croatian Postal Bank
Selecting Jury

The first Vidi e-novation jury is selected. The founders try to select a jury consisting of experts in the fields of science, applied technology and business affairs
Successful Beginning

Two weeks after the opening, the contest is closed for entries. The number and the quality of the competing innovations are above all expectations.
Vidi e-novation evaluation commission begins to perform its task...
December 2006.
Jury decides

After a month of work, the evaluation commission completes the list of winners of the first Vidi e-novation contest. Because of such a large number of high quality achievements, the winners are divided into four categories. For the same reason, this year Vidi will present 10 Vidi e-novation awards (10 Tesla's Eggs) and 18 Vidi e-novation acknowledgements
First Award Presentation Ceremony

For the first time, Vidi e-novation awards and acknowledgements for the year 2006 are presented at Westin Hotel in Zagreb, before two hundred reputable guests
Media Love It

Following the Award presentation ceremony, several hundreds of Croatian print and electronic media wrote about Vidi e-novation contest and winners. The event was also broadcasted by some leading Croatian TV and radio stations
January 2007.
HPB's (Croatian Postal Bank) Pay Awards

The Board of HPB (Croatian Postal Bank) decides that this financial institution will present each winner of Vidi e-novation award in the category of physical persons with 15,000 HRK, as a help in founding a company

The Vidi e-novation video is shown on Croatian TV stations, inviting people to visit www.e-novation.info website and find out more about the winners of the award
The Monte Carlo Presentation

Vidi publishing house organizes a presentation of Vidi e-novation winners at DISTREE Boutique ICT Conference in Monte Carlo
2007 Contest Open for Entries

2007 contest is open for entries on the website www.e-novation.info
February 2007.
Permanent Supplement to Vidi Magazine

The computer magazine Vidi starts a series of p
ermanent 'Vidi e-novation' supplements with articles about Vidi e-novation winners, following their development and business accomplishments, and also about innovative ICT companies in the region and worldwide – about their achievements, problems, challenges...
Special Vidi e-novation DVD

In its February edition, Vidi magazine issues the Vidi e-novation DVD containing the whole award presentation ceremony at Westin Hotel in Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering

and Computing from Zagreb Organizes E-Campus in Estonia The software solution E-Campus, for which Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing from Zagreb was awarded special Vidi e-novation acknowledgement, is accepted by the University of Tallin (Estonia)
March 2007.
Presentation at CeBIT

Vidi publishing house, in cooperation with E-Croatia Office, Agency for export encouregement, and Croatian Chamber of Economy, organizes an extremely successful presentation of the Vidi e-novation winners at CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany
Numerous Media at CeBIT

Many Croatian and foreign media are present at Vidi e-novation winners presentation at CeBIT fair
April 2007.
Vidi on Winners

In this month's edition of Vidi magazine, in its new permanent section called 'Vidi e-novation', publishes articles about the latest business achievements of Vidi e-novation winners for year 2006: business growth of IN-2 company; Microsoft's support given to the 'Urban Jungle' Project; development of Mireo 2.0 solution; new business deals for Utilis company...
Smart ECG Finds Partners

Marko Velić, the author of the Smart ECG innovation –mobile digital analysis of heartbeat – which was awarded Vidi e-novation special acknowledgement in 2006, starts a cooperation with Ruđer Innovations company, which helps him to start his own company. His next projest is to start cooperation with Ericsson Nikola Tesla with the goal of improving the Smart ECG project and
developing other innovative ICT solutions
May 2007.
Vidi e-novation winner in Geneva

Mate Rimac, the creator of the innovative glove for computer handling, for which he won the most significant Vidi e-novation award – Golden Tesla's Egg in the category of physical persons for 2006 – exhibits at the 35th World Innovation Exhibition PalExpo in Geneva, Switzerland
Vidi on Winners

In this month's edition, Vidi writes about the interest that Austrian, Finnish and French Universities have taken in E-Campus by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing; the presentation of the awarded project SMS informativka in Iran, Australia, Thailand and Serbia; talks that the Gideon company from Split started in America, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Scandinavia and South Africa, relative to their awarded project of CD-ROM postcards
June 2007.
Vidi on Winners

Vidi writes about achievements of InfigoIS company, whose project was also awarded in Vidi e-novation contest of 2006, and other winners of Vidi e-novation award, such as PosPress and Kate-com
.CRF in Switzerland

.CRF software (Electronic Data Capture and Workflow System for Clinical Trials) – a winner of Vidi e-novation acknowledgement in the category of small companies, is implemented in a clinic in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and is used for following the research on patients infected with AIDS
July 2007.
Vidi on Winners

Vidi writes about a donation by IN2 company, a winner of Vidi e-novation acknowledgement for 2006, to The Faculty of Economics in Split; about Infigo company exhibiting at the international gathering MIPRO; the improved version of GemBox application, and Corpus application, which was awarded Vidi e-novation acknowledgement in the category of small companies
August 2007.
Vidi on Winners

This month, Vidi writes that Urban Jungle application, which won Vidi e-novation acknowledgement in the category non-profit organizations, also won the award for the best in the category e-fun at the international competition Award' Vidi also writes about IN2 company winner novation acknowledgement) buying IGEA company from Varaždin, mentioning IGEA's achievements and RealCro web portal
September 2007.
Vidi on Winners

Vidi writes about the awarded application SwingDocPublisher and Mariananet system
October 2007.
Dalekovod Becomes Partner

Dalekovod d.d., one of the most successful Croatian technology
companies, joins the list of Vidi e-novation contest partners cofounders
Selecting Jury

A few new members are added to the last year's jury: these are all reputable individuals that have proved their value with numerous extremely successful achievements in ICT sector
November 2007.
Beggining Evaluation Process

At the beginning of November, the commission of experts begins Vidi e-novation 2007 evaluation process.
Jury decides

By the end of November, the evaluation commission completes the list of winners of Vidi e-novation contest for 2007. The jury's conclusion is that the quality of innovations presented is at the same, or even at a higher level than those last year
All Partners Supportive

The initial partners cofounders of the contest continue to support the initiative. The list of Vidi e-novation partners is now enlarged by some of Croatian and foreign most outstanding and most valuable innovative companies, including Ruđer Bošković Institute, T-Croatian Telecom, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Croatian Postal Bank (HPB), Dalekovod d.d., PricewatershouseCoopers and Podravka
December 2007.
The Award Presentation Ceremony for 2007

Vidi e-novation awards and acknowledgements for the year 2007 are presented at the prestigious Regent Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb
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Pogledajte fotografije sa svečane dodjele Vidi e-novation nagrada za godinu 2006.
Zagreb, hotel Westin,
18. prosinca 2006.


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