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This year we have had the biggest Vidi e-novation jury ever - 16 top Croatian experts have chosen the best of the best

The Vidi e-novation contest 2008 was opened on 1st October 2008 and lasted until 10th November 2008. In the pre-evaluation phase, the projects that did not have the preconditions for the contest were weeded out (i.e. the projects that turned out to have broken the copyrights, innovations that were not ICT, products that were aimed at Croatia’s market only, without ambitions to enter the world market, etc.).

The evaluation process lasted from 13th to 20th November 2008, and was carried out by judges’ panel comprising of as much as 16 experts from recognized institutions and companies. The organizers have tried this year as well to compose a panel that would include the prominent experts with experience and technological knowledge, as well as those with business experience and the possibility to make business estimates.

The judges’ panel was judging and measuring the entries by the set criteria described on pages 34 and 35 of the catalogue. In case one of the judges established that there was a clash of interest between another judge and one of the applicants (such as personal acquaintance, business collaboration, direct or indirect competition between the judge and the applicant), the judge in question could not participate in evaluating the innovation concerned.

The judges were also asked to make a “moral pledge” and not to vote the projects that might imply the slightest clash of interest to them.

In order to keep the continuity, and due to a great number and excellence of entries, the judges’ panel has decided this year as well, in order to be as efficient as possible, to divide the entries for the Vidi e-novation contest 2008 under several categories, using the same criteria as last year, with some minor changes.

Last year, according to the structure of the entries, the categories were defined as follows: natural person, company and academic organization (institution) category.

The competition among the small-sized companies, which was already strong last year, has become even stronger this year, whereas there were no quality entries in the medium-sized company category. In the big-sized company category, the entries were reduced to only two projects. These, however, proved to be high quality and have received high evaluation. In the same way, only one entry managed to reach the evaluation process under the non-profit and academic organizations category this year. Nonetheless, it has received high evaluation and has been placed high on the overall contest list in the end.

Due to these reasons, this year entries were decided to be categorized under four groups: natural person, small-sized company, big-sized company, and academic organization (institution). Due to the large number of exceptionally good entries in the categories of companies, this year the judges’ panel has decided to award special acknowledgments along with the rewards.

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