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mr.sc. Luka Miličić,
The president of management board of Dalekovod d.d. - partner co-founder of the Vidi e-novation contest

If companies continue investing in the development of information technologies, they will be able to face more easily the challenges of economic crisis periods

We can claim that the embracing of information technologies is fundamental for increasing competitive advantage of organizations and personal growth of every individual. If you wish to handle masterfully your business environment, you need high quality and tested computer solutions. The application of expert knowledge in improving business processes and supporting decision making and management, enables a fast and successful realization of business goals. This is a chance for companies to recognize the development potential of technologies, and more decisively turn towards the effective use of those technologies as a platform of their business activity. It is important to emphasize that this process has to be accompanied by collaboration between the educational and private sector, regarding the conveyance of knowledge as a precondition for advanced use of technologies for the purpose of creating additional social values.

If companies that have based their business activity on information technologies, innovations, use of the Internet in business, continue investing in the development, they will be able to face more easily and successfully the challenges of economic crisis periods, one of which today is extending to overall global economy. With such an approach they will create conditions for a more rapid growth once the economic climate becomes more favourable.

Companies like Dalekovod, which have the ambition to develop and increase their business activity, can recognize the possibilities opened by breaking the space and time limits of traditional conduct.

By presenting itself on the virtual market, a company becomes equally accessible to all possible clients. The influence of the Internet emphasizes the quality of service, whilst the requirements of clients multiply concerning both the quality of service and updating.

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