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Prof. Slavko Vidoviæ, Ph.D.
director, Infodom - principal technological strategic partner of the Vidi e-novation contest 2008

“Workplace learning” is the prerequisite to innovation: products, processes and organisation innovation

World financial crisis is intensifying and we are all eager to contribute to crisis solving. The question gets right to the core: do we have reserves, who can and in what way start the driving force of development in the right direction again… no hyper production and “financial papers” industry as the civilization achievements? We share the road to success, but the root to everything there is in the world is the individual, so is this not the time to go back to our roots? I believe today’s greatest potential and reserve is the “time” that we all have, particularly at work. In June 2007, it was calculated that an American worker spends 2 hours and 9 minutes on activities that are not part of his workplace tasks…. and it is suggested that in Croatia we exceed 3 hours on similar job non-related activities. That leaves us with question: Are we able to use the greatest potential - “time” for “workplace learning”? “Workplace learning” is the prerequisite to innovation: products, processes and organisation innovation.

I believe the general agreement between the employers and employees is crucial: in companies as well as in public sector worker has to spend an hour learning for his carrier, reaching higher value tomorrow, wherever he works; but also spend an hour learning for his own company’s innovation and development. This is the overall progress, the organisations learn, simultaneously creating national synergy of educated people who create innovation! Croatia imperatively has to implement transformation within the following five years, and at this point only people over 20 are able to perform it: therefore, adults education and the change in this sector is key to Croatia’s development! The ambient of education demands change in hierarchy to cooperation and communication, stressing various professions synergy, turning it into a new production, production of knowledge in companies… We anticipate knowledge management systems formation!

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