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Domagoj Oreb
Board-director, Rušer Inovacije strategic and organizational partner of the Vidi e-novations

Countries that started using innovation strategies before Croatia did (such as Ireland, Finland, and Israel), prove that Croatia is following the right path

Innovations is a word which is most frequently found in slogans, visions, missions and strategies of all kinds of organizations. The importance of innovations, of investing in new products and services, and of conducting research about it, was realized years ago by all globally successful companies. The countries that have developed their strategies in compliance with that idea are now among the most successful countries in the world. All these are statements in favour of the fact that Vidi e-novation is on its way - it is the moving force of Croatian innovation culture. Recognition and application of innovative technologies, products, and services is a crucial precondition for sustainable growth, development, and competitive quality on the global market, as well as one of the driving forces of high-quality export.

Investing in cooperation between science and industry is necessary because it produces new and applicable innovations. Such innovations generate additional value through new products and services which are the comparative advantage on both home and global market. This kind of cooperation is creates a genuine win-win situation both for companies with difficulties in finding funds to invest, and scientists. On one hand, high-quality, faster and more economic development and research make a perfect model of research and development, and on the other hand, the deserving scientists in Croatian institutes get the chance to be recognized and awarded on merit. In the world of innovations, the investments in ICT technologies segment are more quickly refunded than in other innovation fields. What is more, the required investments in the ICT technologies are comparably smaller than in other technologies. That makes the importance of the Vidi e-novation even more significant, because it supports and promotes innovations in Croatian ICT community.


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