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Ivica Mudrinić
Board-director and chief executive, T-Hrvatski Telekom Principal organizing partner,
co-founder of the Vidi e-novation contest and organizational partner of the
Vidi Web Top 100 contest

The system of e-state administration is an efficient tool for putting an end to the corruption - the possibilities to manipulate the documents are reduced

Recently I have seen the research results on the reached computer literacy level in Croatia. It has shown that more than a half of the citizens believe that “computers are confusing to them” and more than 60 % do not use the Internet as their first choice while searching for information. Are we preparing our children in an adequate way for new knowledge and skills, for global competition that is spreading through the Internet as well?

The competition of the entire society is largely based on ICT infrastructure. T-Croatian telecom (T-HT), being a leading company in the ICT sector, is continually responsible and persistent with its task: from the investments to the access network with the aim of switching to a unique IP platform. This is best shown by the increase in capital investments of T-HT group by more than 40% in the first three quarters this year, in relation to last year. We can expect that, at the end of the year 2008, a little less than 30% of households will have the broadband internet in Croatia, whereas this percentage will amount to 55 % or more than a half of households in the Western European countries. Broadband expansion has been a T-HT continuous strategic goal. Moreover, the effort of the country and the entire society should be aimed at bringing broadband access in 5 years' time to 90 % of Croatian households.

The crisis will mercilessly punish inefficiency, which leads to the need to restructure urgently certain economic segments, as well as the state administration. It is up to the Croatia’s Government to speed up the reforms of the state administration and to implement the e-state administration project. The system of e-state administration is an efficient tool for putting an end to the corruption - all the paperwork is done electronically, the possibilities to manipulate the documents are reduced, and the procedures are carried out much faster.

The internet is working for us; it is here to improve our life quality and increase the efficiency of doing business. In T-HT, we are ready for new challenges in the broadband expansion. Newly established Vidi ICT Gold Reward is only one of the additional encouragements to the entire sector. Now, when the times have turned tough, it has to demonstrate an ambition greater than ever, and contribute to the crisis solutions, and as well as to the long-term development of the society.

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