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Venesa Schütz
Microsoft Hrvatska, director organizational partner and patron of the Vidi Awards

What is the driving force built-in in every new product and service? Innovation, needless to say

Over the last ten years, information and communication technologies have profiled themselves as one of the initiators and the basis of sustainable economic growth, without differentiating developed countries from emerging markets. Almost integral interfusion of the Internet, mobile telephony, modern broadband, computer technology and various online services vividly proves the level of ICT solutions permeating our everyday work and lives. Using ICT technologies worldwide, people increasingly interconnect, creating interest groups, with physical distance presenting no obstacle to social or commercial contacts and activities.

What is actually the imperative of such progress, that is, of widespread and all-pervasive ICT technologies usage? What is the driving force launching everything, built-in in every new product and service? Innovation, needless to say. Without ideas and devised plans to transform them into desirable and cost-effective product and service, none of the above would take place. Microsoft understands the process very well; we are also a technological company with our business based on innovative products of intellectual work. Therefore, we always stress the need to function actively in segments with the abundance of fresh information, which are often overshadowed due to the usual obstacles, such as lack of development funds and resources, necessary knowledge and the corresponding level of competence. The stimulation of even closer cooperation of the academic and ICT community, along with help programmes for young technological companies and emerging companies should eliminate these obstacles as soon as possible. Croatia can and should develop into equal participant in technological sphere worldwide by producing qualified young experts and by actively encouraging innovation and intellectual work. Apart from the fact we use modern ICT technologies in work as well as in life, it would be a pity not to profile ourselves as one of the inventors, that is, producers of modern ICT products and services delightedly used by population worldwide. Even more so, since we are all aware of the fact we have potential.


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