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dr. sc. Mladen Žinić
Ruđer Bošković Institute,
director and founder
of the Vidi e-novation contest

In addition to the possibility of intellectual property's commercialization, one of the essential goals is promoting the interest of our economy in investing into new technologies

The Ruđer Bošković Institute, as the biggest multidisciplinary research institution in the country, faces exceptional responsibility. Although not always shown explicitly, this responsibility implies the creation of all prerequisites essential for the development of a society based on knowledge. All essential segments, from training of experts to meet the requirements of the economy and of higher education, networking of internationally significant projects, creation of top-grade scientific results and new intellectual ownership, to the transfer of new technologies to the economy, have been recognized and are being developed concurrently at the Institute.

Today the innovation component at the Institute represents a well harmonized process that each of our scientists is well acquainted with: starting from scientific research, through the recognizing of interesting intellectual property, up to its protection and first steps in its commercialization. After barely two years the results are visible from the portfolio of the firm Ruđer inovacije d.o.o., subsidiary of the Institute. In addition to the possibility of intellectual property's commercialization on the international market, one of the essential goals of the process is promoting the interest of our economy in investing into new technologies, but also in the development of new technologies through new common development-research projects. Despite the efforts made we still cannot be satisfied with the latter. We have recognized the Vidi e-novation award, as one of the key elements for the creation of a wider environment and a climate that valuates and promotes knowledge, innovativeness and entrepreneurship, elements that are the basis of the development of society in general. This year's winners are the best proof of the award's uniqueness, and that it is an active element in the creation of a positive synergy between innovators, potential investors, and users of the new technologies respectively.

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