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Tatjana Rukavina
Board President
PricewaterhouseCoopers Croatia PwC - founding partner
of the Vidi e-novation contest
and sponsor of the Vidi Web Top 100 contest

Today many are learning that a long, straight road will always, eventually, throw a curve at you. Anticipating that curve is the essence of agility; without agility, survival itself comes into question

Information is the new currency of business - a critical corporate asset whose value rises and falls at different times, and in different ways, depending on when, how, where and by whom it is placed into circulation as a medium of exchange. Its portability, accessibility and mobility back and forth across international, corporate and organizational boundaries are crucial components of a collaborative, globally connected business world. As observers and researchers of industry trends, we have been perplexed by the apparent lack of readiness many firms demonstrate when they face market disruptions. Almost always, these disruptions have been predictable. The current financial crisis does have an upside - we’re gaining a renewed understanding of where the risk really lies. As information technology (IT) continues to play a bigger and more visible role in driving business success and shareholder value, senior executives are under pressure to clearly demonstrate the business value of IT, and to prove that IT investments can generate a positive return while supporting business objectives.

IT accelerated the flow of information, management of customers and inventory, and computerization of back-office systems, and drove the newly ubiquitous field of Internet commerce. PwC has helped many of the world’s largest companies identify and address key IT business risk, allowing them to focus resources more effectively and ensuring that IT spending and initiatives are aligned with overall business goals. The ability of CIOs and other IT leaders to break away from established spending patterns and support business process innovation instead will be the greatest source of IT value and productivity in the future.


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