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Tomislav Kotnik
Founder of the Vidi e-novation
and the Vidi Web Top 100
10 years closer... to a better tomorrow

In the meantime, many of the web projects have transformed into great regional achievements, and many awarded innovations have managed to take hold worldwide

Ten years is a lovely number, I find myself looking back at it with the pleasure of a shipbuilder after finishing his hip and giving it to the sea to guard it. The invested energy is amazing as well as the number of companies, individuals supporting with their work Croatia’s Web Top 100 Award, Prime Minister Web Award and Vidi e-novation Hi-Tech Award.

Dozens of Croatian editorial boards, respectable institutions, scientists, businessmen, even two prime ministers have given their almost unique contribution to this project with a single aim - to make our society advanced and open to the world. Closely examining the past 10 years, we realise how well we have chosen, since many of the web projects have transformed into great, even regional projects, and many awarded innovations have managed to take hold worldwide, among relentless competition.

World economy of today finds itself in a difficult situation, but actually with a wonderful opportunity to change the value system, turning it into sustainable and useful for the majority, not the minority, which is now the case. Internet has helped a lot in developing consumer society, but also in overall level of information and financial transactions via Internet, therefore, this time the financial crisis has quickly spread worldwide. On Thanksgiving Day, the Americans celebrate Native Americans thanking them for unselfishly feeding the first settlers; 300 years later, they via Internet give away coupons for Thanksgiving turkeys to poor citizens.

We can almost state the society has not changed significantly over the centuries; the Internet has only helped to break down the boundaries of poverty that has now become a global problem.

The question is: are we able to use the Internet for creating a better society, for a better job distribution, wealth distribution, is Vidi e-novation able to help provide technological solutions saving the planet for future generations, can Croatia become the trend leader?

We shall have answers in the years to come, because Vidi does not give up on creating a better society for our children and ourselves. I believe you shall join us, just as you have done so far. Let us enjoy together in this year’s selected candidates, the ones we should rely on following our path.

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