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The pre-evaluation process for the Vidi e-novation lasted for almost the entire year 2007. The final phase of the process took place in November

The entries for the Vidi e-novation for the year 2007 were accepted from the1st January 2007 to the 5th November 2007. During this long period of time, as soon as entries were received, they were sorted through by the organizer, according to the pre-evaluation procedure and the rules of the Vidi e-novation contest. In the pre-evaluation procedures, the works recognized as not abiding by the rules of the contest were eliminated (such as those infringing copyright, innovations in fields other than ICT, products targeted only at Croatian market with no ambition to be floated on the global market ecc.).

The evaluation process took place from the 13th to the 23rd November 2007. It was performed by an evaluation committee composed of nine experts from eminent institutions and companies. As always, the organizers did their best to set up a committee composed of both reputable experts with experience and technological education, and those with business experience and ability to make a business evaluation.

The evaluation committee made evaluations and estimates of works according to the criteria described on pages 34 and 35 of this catalogue. If a member of the committee estimated than another member of the committee was involved in a conflict of interest regarding an applicant (for reasons such as friendship with the applicant, bussiness cooperation with the applicant, or direct rivalry between the member of the committee and the applicant), in such cases the member of the committee did not participate in the evaluation of the innovation in question.

To maintain the continuity, and because of such a large number of entries and their high quality, the evaluation committee decided to divide the Vidi e-novation contest into several different categories again the principle was the same as last year, with slight changes.

Last year, considering the structure of entries, the categories were defined as follows: physical persons, small companies, middle companies, large companies, and non-profit organizations and academic organizations.

Strong as it was last year, this year the number of entries in the category of small companies was remarkably increased, while there were only two high quality suggestions in the category of middle companies, and no entries at all in the category of large companies. Similarly, there was only one entry in the category of 'non-profit organizations and academic organizations', which, however, eventually got remarkably high marks, and was placed very highly in the overall.

For all these reasons, it was decided that this year the entries be divided into three categories: physical persons, companies, and academic organizations.

Considering a remarkably large number of high quality works in the category of companies, this year the evaluation committee decided to award not only the awards but also special acknowledgements.

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