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dipl. ing. Katarina Matijeviś
Head of the sector for products development, Podravka
Podravka - founding partner of the Vidi e-novation contest
Speedning up in the post-internet era

Podravka has taken a number of steps in order to transform the traditional concepts of doing business into new business models, able to satisfy and predict consumersí needs better than ever

As far as the value chain is concerned, we have come a long way from the simple production based on demand estimate to production-to-order, and achieved virtually almost completely integrated value chain. The advantages of this approach are the improved internal efficiency and a better response to the end usersí needs. However, this path does not begin in the factory and it is not as simple as it seems at first sight. Behind the project there is a complete transformation of the company in which Research and Development, for instance, once limited to a closed laboratory, are now open and completely directed to the world, users, consumers and sales chains. In the Podravka's R&D Sector we understand the importance of the the insight into consumers' needs. It is not enough to simply follow the trends, but they need to be identified in the real time, and if possible even predicted.

R&D Sector, along with Marketing, has the most intense relationship with consumers, established not only through direct contact, but through the virtual information as well. The Internet shows us how far-reaching the change that has taken place among the consumers is: the fragmented groups, once invisible, are now voicing their public opinion through various media. At the moment, gaining the trust of the new consumer is a more demanding task than ever before. R&D Sector is completely dedicated to innovation and competition that we no longer call the fight for the shelf space, but the fight for the consumerís life space. In order to completely exploit the potential of our collaboration with the consumers, our further doing business is going to be even more directed to e-technologies. Our next steps are going to bring us even closer to the buyer who will become our partner in innovations.

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