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Ivana Šoljan
T-HT Managing Board
member and general executive director of fix
and broadband net T-HT
principal organizing partner,
co-founder of the Vidi e-novation contest and organizing
partner of the Vidi Web Top 100 contest
Broadband: condition of the development

Thinking creatively and being future-oriented is responsibility of social leaders and responsible companies, but also the possibility and privilege of every individual

Man is the only being that has the ability to think about the future, and judging by the innovative solutions of the Vidi Web Top 100 Contest, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to it. Our responsibility is to provide the technological platform, based on unrestricted and super fast access to the Internet, the biggest information network in the world, to our young visionaries for the development of their new ideas. Investing into the broadband network and the development of services based on the broadband, remains one of the most important strategic goals of T-Com, which has more than 300,000 ADSL users at the end of 2007. The broadband technology is the key to Croatia’s development into a modern European country. The broadband is not only the basis for a number of various services. It is also the base for knowledge acquirement, education, business management, entertainment, as well as for the social groups sharing the same interests and lifestyle.

While not all the advantages of the broadband access have been fully developed yet, the enormous potential of the new technology is already visible, such as improving the efficiency in doing business, the functioning of the bureaucracy and the greater availability of learning tools. Teleworking, e-cities and e-learning are just some of the models of the broadband use that are getting more and more popular with Croatian economists, as well as among the bodies of the city government and in educational institutions.

T-Com is going to continue with developing the widest range of Internetbased services. VWT 100 is successful incentive for the expansion and development of the Internet culture, which is one of the key factors for the overall development of the Croatian society.


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