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Ivica Mudrinić
Board-director and chief executive, T-Hrvatski Telekom Principal organizing partner,
co-founder of the Vidi e-novation contest and organizational partner of the
Vidi Web Top 100 contest
Keeping pace with innovative solutions

Only 15 years ago, none of us could immagine that one day our lives would seem unthinkable without high speed Internet access

Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, more than ever we are witnesses to some rapid and substantial changes. The transformation is reflected in all segments of life – people's life-style and habits are changing, technology is undergoing transformation and technology is transforming the world. Only 15 years ago, none of us could immagine that one day our life would seem unthinkable without high speed Internet access, and now even mobile Internet access.

T-HT is aware of the strategic importance of innovations in the explosive development of technology, which is why we have already started offering innovative communication solutions to users. Last year we added the MAXtv digital TV to our offer, which in the meantime has reached many Croatian homes and which is constantly being enriched with new contents and additional functionality. New technology enthusiasts are prone to claiming that the digital revolution is more important even than the discovery of writing and press. More and more sophisticated technologies keep developing worldwide, about which the public may not even be informed, and yet, tomorrow people will be using them as if they had always existed.

Henry Ford once said: 'A business that brings only money is a bad business.' Therefore, to give a wholehearted support to innovations is a moral obligation of the entire Croation ICT sector, as well as a way to invest in the future. In an era of rapid technological revolution, the key to success is to keep pace with innovative solutions, which goes both for companies and for individuals and the whole society, with all its institutions. It is for this reason that we see the investing in innovations as a strategic goal and T-HT's obligation. For Croatian society, to develop of ideas, knowledge, and innovative solutions is a task of high priority. The effort of all social institutions should go into achieving this goal, and in this context, the Vidi e-novation contest is an great an inspiring encouragement to all talented individuals and groups to offer their solutions to Croatian and foreign users worldwide. By supporting innovations, T-HT wants to help Croatia on its way to becoming a society of knowledge and long-term prosperity.

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