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dr. sc. Božidar Etlinger
Economic consultant
of the principle
of Ruđer Bošković Institute
and founder of
the Vidi e-novation contest

I have a feeling that very soon Vidi e-novation will get a new wider dimension,
maybe by becoming something like Vidi Σ-novation

Another 'speedy' year has come to an end, and we are again facing the task of selecting the best innovations that have entered this year's Vidi e-novation contest. The number of entries, and especially their quality and innovative quality, suggest that the potential and the number of innovators in Croatia is surprisingly large.

Although this is now the second year of the contest taking place, and one would expect that most of the ideas which took years to develop were presented last year, and that the number and quality of innovations would now be reduced, none of that happened.

This is what all the members of the evaluation team and I are so proud of. I have a feeling that very soon Vidi e-novation will get a new wider dimension, maybe by becoming something like Vidi Σ-novation, a contest that would not be limited to ICT , but also deal with some other commercially interesting technologies.

Honestly, we are not fully satisfied with how a part of the task was carried out after the end of the first contest, and which should certainly be carried out properly after this one. It is necessary to monitor the awarded innovations (and all others as well) through a longer period of time, and, if needed, aid their further development, devoting an extra effort to improve their promotion and marketing, to find and create a market for them, and to support them financially in order to commercialize them. The initiative to enable that has been undertaken, and we hope it will be achieved through cooperation of Vidi Publishing with Ruđer Bošković Institute and Ruđer Innovation d.o.o., a daughter company founded for the very purpose of commercializing innovations.

I would like to thank all the participants in the contest, and to congratulate the authors of the awarded innovations.


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