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Robert Slavečki
Founder of the Vidi e-novation
and the Vidi Web Top 100 contest
Quality rise

This year's quality of Vidi Web Top 100 nominated projects is excellent, and in its second year, Vidi e-novation has proven that Croatia’s ICT has a lot to offer to the world…

When we were establishing Vidi e-novation contest last year, there were a lot of claims it would not take hold simply because Croatia does not have enough high-quality ICT products innovative worldwide. After last year’s two week application period for the first Vidi e-novation, I remember the quantity as well as the quality positively shocked not only the sceptics but our most optimistic partners as well. After a series of actions and international promotions, out of which the most important ones were Distree boutique ICT conference in Monte Carlo and CeBIT fair presentation in Hannover, ten out of approximately thirty projects awarded last year made excellent international deals, found strategic partners, key distributors, investors… This successful breakthrough for hardware and software products awarded the first Vidi e-novation was a great surprise for us as well....

We had even fewer hopes to receive applications of equal quality in our second year; some jury members believe these are even higher-quality applications. Along with the high-quality applications for Vidi e-novation, we were also positively stunned by the quality of web projects nominated for the ninth national Internet Vidi Web Top 100 contest. Croatia’s economy and society have grasped the importance of Internet, web, and information and telecommunications products as the basis of any kind of development. Croatia does invest more in high-tech, and the investors seek for top quality to be able to compete on home and foreign markets.


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