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Ante Magzan
Chief Executive of the Department for Corporative Strategy, Business Development,
Transformation and Organizational Architecture Management of T-HT
T-HT - principal organizing partner, co-founder of the Vidi e-novation contest and organizing partner of the Vidi Web Top 100 contest
The vision of the new television

Television became “the associate member“ of every family long ago. Today, this magic box has developed into an interactive means of communication, education and entertainment

Although television became “the associate member“ of every family long ago, this magic box, whose invention dates back to the year 1927 and is attributed to Philo T. Farnsworth, has developed ever since into an interactive means of communication, education and entertainment, which despite his ingenuity, Philo could not even dream of. When we think about the fascinating power of this medium, it is impossible not to agree with Woody Allen's thesis that “life imitates television”.

Although even today the interactive digital television - T-Com's MAXtv in Croatia –allows spectators to adjust the television programmes to their needs and habits, the future is going to bring approach that is even more individual for the user. The moment in which the TV set will „recognize“ the interests and habits of its owner on its own, and than remind him or her of the programmes he might watch is getting closer. When it comes to introducing advanced technology such as IPTV, we have really nothing to be ashamed of - Croatia is the first country within the Deutsche Telecom group that has launched the interactive digital television MAXtv, which has earned T-Com praises from many renowned telecom industry analytics in the world. The story about MAXtv is actually a story about persistence, will and creativity of the T-Com’s MAXtv team.

The Internet as a medium is surely going to reveal us a lot of other marvelous possibilities, and it is up to us to encourage the inventiveness and creativity, but also to think about the quality of contents. Vidi Web Top 100 contest, as well as the e-novation contest founded last year, clearly shows that there is no lack of talent and knowledge in our environment. This is why these contests are extremely important incentives for the Croatia’s further and quicker integration into the global society.

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