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mr. sc. Gordana Kovačević
of Ericsson Nikola Tesla Ericsson
founding partner of the Vidi e-novation contest
Focusing on innovations and high technologies

It is beyond doubt that, if it wants to climb the ladder of competitiveness on a global level, Croatia has to use all its advantages in order to improve the competitive edge of its industry, especially in the field of information and communication technologies as the top priority sector of the future strategic development of the whole country

Considering the structure of our export, which contains too few competitive products solutions and services, and given the domination of goods from intensive-work branches of industry, it seems that high technologies and innovations are not our comparative advantages right now.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that information and communication technologies are the engine of the overall economic development and that they introduce radical changes into social life. In order to do it successfully, ICT itself has to be competitive, primarily through focusing on development and research activities, on the results, on excellent performance, and on innovative quality in all work processes.

I think that these are the basic elements of an all-inclusive national platform of development of a competitive Croatia, of Croatia as a society of knowledge, as a society of clever, qualified, and highly educated people, who will undoubtedly contribute to the competitiveness of the country's sector of information and communication technologies, and who will compete on the global market with their knowledge, products, solutions and services.

Following such a strategic evaluation, I find that innovative quality must be incorporated in every human activity. We should encourage the improvement of work processes, the development of new business models, the making of new products, solutions, and services with more added value. We should all use different ways to make a creative contribution to the business growth and to help visualize our aces to compete with in the world.

When it comes to the field of high technologies, which I see as a sector of high priority, only the able, competent and innovative experts can be certain to succeed on the global market, and thus actually contribute to the pursued society of knowledge, as well as to more favourable indicators of economic growth.

It is for these reasons that we have to develop an encouraging working environment in Croatia, in which life-long education will become a natural choice and an obbligation for every member of the society, and in which using modern information and communication technologies will be a part of the business alphabet.

Let us look up to some positive examples around us – the company I lead, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, proves that everything I am talking about is actually based on everyday practice and on our business results on the Croatian market as well as some thirty foreign markets, not to mention the worldwide influence we have through the export of knowledge through Ericsson corporation.

The key to our global presence, which has lead us from the local, accross the regional to the global level, lies in our innovative thinking and our technological leadership. We have achieved that through the use of modern technologies in everyday business activities, which makes us competent, and through all-inclusive communication solutions which enable us to provide our Croatian and foreign partners with the basis for their competitiveness and business growth. Given this positive experience, I think that any future strategic development must recognize Croatia's request for a competent ICT industry with a development and research potential generating new ideas, products, solutions and services in the field of high technologies aimed at the global market. The same can be said for other branches of economy – in order to be competent, companies must use information and communication technologies as a means of improving their management, and they must consider the innovative quality of their employees as their comparative advantage.


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