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Jurica Prižmić
Director of the Sector for corporate management
and IT support, Dalekovod Dalekovod - partner co-founder
of the Vidi e-novation contest
Prerequistes for grater innovativeness

Business world is aware that sustainable competitive advantage for every company rests on its innovation

To safeguard innovation processes efficacy, mutual effects of business sectors, scientific institutions, government institution and entrepreneurs’ incubators have to be provided for. Companies are facing crucial problems of high expenses for innovative activities, lack of money and insufficient state support.

According to the research of the Innovative management department at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, Croatian companies do innovate, but they are lagging behind the EU. Unfortunately, Croatia’s industry and science do not have a lot to offer to each other, and that is why active participants of innovation processes do not cooperate – which is the prerequisite to initiate the process itself. Business sector has to invest into research and development in order to reach the level of last member countries entering the EU. Great progress has to be achieved by education reforms as the starting basis. Lifelong education is also one of the ways to increase market value of employees themselves.

IInnovation is a natural process for every company, no matter what line of business it is in. The basic prerequisites for innovation are the readiness to re-evaluate old, generally accepted attitudes, including each employee in the process of finding new markets and rejecting strategies based on habits. In other words, this calls for positive climate within the company to provide for innovativeness.

Dalekovod Company has been doing business for 58 years; we have recognized the importance and strength of IT technology as well as introducing the system of monitoring the business processes, adapting our way of running business to the market itself. However, pure investment into IT technology cannot improve innovativeness. Compared to other companies, our values are our employees. We believe people are the key to success and the start of any innovation.

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