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Josip Protega
Hrvatska poštanska banka
HPB - founding partner of the
Vidi e-novation contest
Underpinning innovation leads to competitive economy

Underpinning company’s development and innovativeness should be an imperative, as well as the cooperation point of private and public sector

In the extremely dynamic business environment of today, the company’s market advantage is its ability to improve the products and services, making them competitive and recognizable. The competitive advantage of a company, therefore country’s overall economy as well, is the innovation and its application, for innovation reaches its real value and contributes to country’s overall economic growth only when implemented and converted to development programs and products.

Innovativeness is one of the values Croatian postal bank (HPB) has promised to provide for her clients, and we believe we constantly successfully apply the technological innovations running our own business. Our objective is to stimulate the generating of new ideas by supporting science and education, and to help financially in converting knowledge and innovativeness into a specific development project, that is, entrepreneurial undertaking.

Small and medium enterprises are one of the strongest forces of Croatia’s economy. They are a prestigious way of creating new values because they contribute to opening new jobs and structuring competitive economy, therefore they deserve additional support. This fact is even more significant in the face of Croatia’s future joining to the European Union, because the country’s ability to handle the pressures of the EU market is one of the most important conditions for becoming a full member. Therefore, underpinning company’s development and innovativeness financially should be an imperative for relevant institutions in private and public sector, as well as their crucial cooperation point.



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