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dipl. ing. Katarina Matijević
Head of the sector fot products development, Podravka
Podravka - founding partner of the
Vidi e-novation contest
Podravka and innovations

Innovations have become an imperative, as well as a demanding task considering the short life cycle of the products and extensive technological changes

The development and introduction of new products on the market are one of the main features that distinguish food companies and determine their success in their competitive environment. Innovations have become an imperative, as well as a demanding task considering the short life cycle of the products, extensive technological changes and dynamic maket conditions such as the risk of how the product will be accepted by consumers. Podravka responds to these challenges with the way it plans and organizes the production process and thus helps create a positive team atmosphere to support innovation. The team of professor Zlata Bartl that invented Vegeta is probably the best example of Podravka's inventiveness, which is considered a major detrminant of the success in our corporate strategy. Our long-termed growth is based on the production of high quality brands that win the trust of our customers. The evidence to this is the extended offer of our established products such as Vegeta, as well as some brand new categories of products (Čokolino Crunch, Čokolino cream).

Innovation is a complex and intensive process and Podravka seeks to encourage it in many ways. One of them was the adopting of the Rule Book according to which all employees who contribute to the business processes with their ideas will be rewarded. This is how the board additionally motivates the staff to become a part of the innovation process. In order to accelerate this process, we are also working on the advancement of our IT system as its support. In terms of strategy, Podravka actively manages its development projects since product innovations are the indicators of success in the business sector.


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