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mr. sc. Gordana KovaŤeviś
president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Ericsson - founding partner of the
Vidi e-novation contest
Innovativeness is the key to development of society

Our intellectual competitive edge depends on how much we invest in and care about our knowledge and innovativeness

The unavoidable changes brought by arising trends make us aware that innovativeness in everything we do is the key to development. The reason for that is contained in the fact that innovative research and creative work are aimed at the creation of added value providing for the development of the collective human knowledge and the global society. Just as Nikola Tesla draw circles in the sand when he was inspired by the idea about alternating magnetic field that opened the doors to the communicationís era that we live in today, so weíre drawing circles of our own activities and industry related innovative research by which weíre striving to better todayís world. Innovativeness that this scientist lived by is like a seed that fell on the fertile ground of the communicationís era. Thatís the most valuable part of Teslaís heritage.

Strategic planning, efficiency and commitment, as well as the speed at which we learn, apply and share our knowledge together with open communication make innovativeness as we know it and turn it into a powerful tool used for leveraging human prosperity. Letís take time to consider if innovativeness has a place in the Croatian society. Do we recognize and motivate innovative and creative people and ideas? How innovative and responsible are we when our future is at stake? Ericsson Nikola Teslaís practice is an example of persistent effort to build and keep the status of an innovative and expert center of knowledge with global responsibilities and references in complex areas such as research and development, next generation networks, broadband access, multimedia solutions and IP based enterprise systems. Our way of working has always included innovative and creative approach because it is the only way forward. As a socially responsible company we gladly share our knowledge and experience with other people and we take concrete actions to spur innovativeness in our working environment and the society. As Teslaís life and way of working prove, innovativeness and creativity are not the privilege of the big and mighty.

Innovative people make the difference. Letís make the first step towards the recognition of the creative people among us and the best ideas. Letís not allow the world to recognize them before we do. Our intellectual competitive edge depends on how much we invest in and care about our knowledge and innovativeness.

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