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Ivana Šoljan
T-Com Managing Board member and general executive director of fix and broadband net
T-Com - principal organizing partner
co-founder of the
Vidi e-novation contest
and organizing partner of the
Vidi Web Top 100 contest
All that keeps us close

The young and the middle-aged already live online, the portals seem to be the best source of information and a large part of common knowledge is gained through the Internet

An event that was not covered by the media,did not take place at all- says the cynical watchword of journalism which is, unfortunately, not far from the truth. Besides, the people in Croatia have witnessed themselves the impact that the media coverage of the war in Croatia and Bosnia had on our lives and the future of our country. But today the Internet has become one of the most powerful media: the young and the middle-aged already live online, the news portals are the best source of information and a large part of common knowledge is gained through the Internet.

The power of the Internet is certainly due to technological achievements, the broadband concept in particular, which has accelerated significantly the use of the web contents. The quality of the Internet offer is essential for the popularization of the broadband services. The people must have felt how the faster access to the web contents has improved the quality of their everyday life. That is why T-Com makes constant efforts to improve its services: T-Portal is continously extending the range of contents, last year we were the first in the region to set a broadband portal, the MAXzone and this autumn we have introduced the interactive digital television, MAXtv. By the end of 2006, T-Com will have counted 220 000 ADSL users.

The Croatian government has also made the effort to offer its services online so that citizens can get many things done by a single mouse click instead of endless queuing. This is not just a time saving possibility but a true spread of democracy. The broadband technology should therefore be at service for all the people in Croatia to facilitate communication because it is the only way for us to compete on equal terms in the global market, intellectual and political race. We should keep on going this way and the mission of the HT, contained in the sentence “all that keeps us close” can be read in this context as a true slogan of our future.



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