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Ivica Mudrinić
Board-director and
chief executive,
T-Hrvatski Telekom
Principal organizing partner
co-founder of the
Vidi e-novation contest
and organizational partner of the
Vidi Web Top 100 contest
Broadband - window to the world

The investment in innovation is the invenstment in future and the only way to the society of the long-termed welfare

Don't ask what Croatia can do for you, but what can you do for Croatia. This paraphrase of the famous sentence by the J.F.Kennedy epitomizes the way of thinking of all Croatian citizens who are interested in the development of our country and its participation in global changes. The telecommunications industry heads on fast thanks to the quick and innovative development of technology. The symbol of this development is certainly broadband, which guarantees the fast access to the Internet, high bandwidth and permanent availability.

Broadband is not just "a window to the world", but also a shop window that enables all Croatian companies, science and cultural institutions and all talented and persistent individuals to present themselves on the world market as competitive as everyone else. The offer on the world market changes incredibly quickly due to the fast advancement of technology. That's why Hrvatski Telekom is proud of the fact that our ADSL users can enjoy our interactive digital television, MAXtv. We were the first to offer this service inside the Deutsche Telekom group, among the first in Europe and one of the few worldwide where the IPTV service is not yet widely available.

An investment in innovation is an investment in future and the only way to the society of the long-termed welfare. Many famous brands, such as Yahoo!, e-bay, Google or YouTube, developed out of excellent innovative ideas. They are only a few years old, but already a fundamental part of our lives.
I hope that it won't be long before a Croatian brand joins the group of brands mentioned above. The Vidi e-novation contest is a strong impulse for all those who know how to generate innovations out of their enthusiasm for new technologies. The future is in our hands and ideas. Creativity and innovation are the best way to promote Croatian identity, but also a way of improving the quality of life for all of us.


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