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dr. sc. Mladen Žinić
Rudjer Bošković Institute, director founder of the Vidi e-novation contest
Innovation is a partner to knowledge on its way to market success

Innovation has to have structured support systems, and the overall society has the obligation to exploit the existing potential to make the most of it

The motives of VIDI and the Rudjer Bošković Institute for initiating the Vidi e-novation contest are the consequence of the course of world developments, where institutions producing the knowledge and information try to encourage the innovation creating and to commercialise the knowledge. There are several reasons for starting the contest. The Institute has at its disposal the knowledge basic for each innovation, and we believe that all paths to encouraging the innovative climate have to be explored. The Institute has also initiated the structuring of a number of organizational and infrastructure components to help realising "Croatia, the land of knowledge" program. Following the pattern, we are developing and creating the most up-to-date ICT in the area of network computing, serving the needs of eScience, in cooperation with the EU partners. We have realised that innovativeness have to have structured support systems. This includes the new organized systems, as well as campaigns and presenting awards to successful innovative solutions leading to market success. One of the Institute’s recently established systems is the company Rudjer Innovations Ltd., aiming at commercialising the knowledge and transfer the technology, together with The Innovation Board and the Innovation Book of Rules, accompanied with other instruments trying to encourage the innovative spirit development and the innovation creating. In the promotional segment, Vidi e-novation award is certainly part of it.

We want our nation, which beyond doubt has exceptional talents and aptitude for innovation, to receive a strong impulse to express new talents through this e-Novation award, as well as to receive the deserved credit and social encouragement. .


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