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Robert Slavečki
Founder of the Vidi e-novation
and the Vidi Web Top 100 contest
Now we are searching for global players

Through Vidi Web Top 100 we have searched and still do search for Croatia’s top-quality web sites. Now we’ve gone a step further - we are searching for ICT innovations competitive on a global level

In the beginnings of Vidi Web Top 100 competition, the web was an uncommon occasion in Croatia. The web was marked as ultimately non-commercial: it made sense only when associated with the academic community, the students of electrical engineering or maths.

Vidi Web Top 100 competition aimed at changing the situation. And we did succeed! We are not the only ones who deserve credit for it, but we believe that Vidi Web Top 100 contributed to the cro-web drawing deep breaths nowadays.

Through Vidi Web Top 100 we have promoted some of most successful Croatian web sites, such as Adriatica.net or Moj-Posao.net.

However, we do have to admit that all of us in Croatia still haven’t succeeded in generating a single global web project, designed and launched from Croatia, pervasive and universally recognized, such as Amazon, e-Bay, YouTube, MySpace etc.

Wanting to make three steps forward and try to incubate at least one similar ICT project in the following years - in the cooperation with RB Institute and numerous partners, we have established a new competition - Vidi e-novation.
With the Vidi e-novation, together with your help and effort, our goal for the following years is to succeed in Croatia’s launching into the world at least one our globally present information-communication brand carrying proudly the label saying designed and produced in Croatia.

The Germans, for example, have Siemens, The Finns have Nokia, the Russians Kaspersky, the Hungarians ArchiCad, and the Romanians Bitdefender, and there is no need to even mention the Americans. Now we are searching for a grain, which can grow in the future to become Croatia’s Google or the iPod of the
world market.

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