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Ante Magzan
chief executive for management and contents development, T-Com
T-Com - principal organizing partner, co-founder of the
Vidi e-novation contest
and organizing partner of the
Vidi Web Top 100 contest
Making dreams come true

Innovation is one of those things, like beauty or creativity, that is easier to recognize than define

It takes a lot of effort and support to make something great happen. But to take a real step forward, one also needs that certain touch of talent and creativity. Luckily for us, Croatian innovators never lacked that. Bošković, Tesla, Ružička, Radman and now Ivan Đikić and Marin Soljačić are just some of the names that we are proud of.

Not all innovations are the ones that change the world. But sometimes is a slight improvement all we really need. All innovations emerge from good ideas that require great inspiration. Today it is hard to imagine what inspired us before the Internet, just like it is hard nowadays to come up with an excuse for the lack of creativity. The Internet is not just a rich source of inspiration, it also offers solutions to many problems and is itself a subject of continual innovations. Its development is based on a circle of good ideas, and we hope that this circle will never close.

It is great to take part in the innovation process, or at least observe it. Sometimes it reminds me of falling in love... It is a long way from the initial idea to the final product, full of sleepless nights, controlled chaos and rejected suggestions. Yet nothing is more glorious than the feeling you get when you have reached your goal and created something new and grand... Maybe it is best to compare this feeling with having great sex or some finest chocolate. But nothing is comparable to the satisfaction of innovators when they realize that their innovations will be accepted and used and thus make life easier and even richer for other people.

The Vidi e-novation contest has aroused from the natural and already inevitable relationship between innovation and the Internet as an opportunity for some old and new guys to present their assets, new ideas and great dreams. Our job is to recognize them and help them make their dreams come true. If we choose the right ones, it could make the future better for all of us.


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