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Tanya Rukavina
board president, PricewaterhouseCoopers Croatia
PwC - founding partner of the
Vidi e-novation contest
and sponsor of the
Vidi Web Top 100 contest
The interactive business

The rate in which we learn and leverage our know-how is the main basis on which we are competing

The Internet is a major factor in the growth plans of the trendsetting companies worldwide, but nowhere is the change more rapid and significant than in the way businesses operate. Companies are using the web to communicate with their partners and to transact commerce. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has mechanisms to connect every individual within the Firm to clients who might desire or benefit from their perspective or expertise, eliminating time and distance as barriers, allowing us to focus individuals across the globe on local client issues. Technology advances in PwC have dramatically increased the opportunities for long-distance collaboration within our network. It is not about geography anymore; it is about knowledge, perspectives and relationships, about positioning the Firm as the leader, expanding our relationships with our existing clients as well as attracting new ones. Thus, PwC has created several internet-based interactive products for clients e.g. P2P IFRS - the first electronic learning solution designed by our experts to improve understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards, or ECT GlobalVATOnline, a virtual community of VAT specialists, sharing VAT and indirect tax knowledge with our clients across our global network. PwC has also taken steps over the past year to refresh firmÕs approach to our web presence and improve overall experience for clients coming to the site to learn more about PwC's capabilities. This resulted in global change of the visual identity of our site.

PwC is a knowledge enterprise, having the infrastructure that facilitates the generation, capture, and delivery of knowledge across the Firm. The rate in which we learn and leverage our know-how is the main basis on which we are competing. Accessing knowledge and learning faster than our competitors may be our only competitive advantage.


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